Thursday, May 26, 2011

GoAutoDial C.E. 2.1 is finally out!

GoAutoDial C.E. 2.1 is finally out! Updates, bugfixes and more!

New web based utilities
Better hardware support
Vicidial SVN 2.4-309a BUILD: 110430-1642
DAHDI 2.4.1
Sangoma Wanpipe 3.4.20
CentOS 5.6

Grab it here:


  1. It seems nice. but some error are still there.

  2. wat was that errors is thsi production ready

  3. Please help, I have installed GoAutoDial C.E. 2.0 in my core2duo machine, but my when i tried it in our production, we have to reboot the machine everyday in order for the agents to login to agent web?

  4. we are expecting new version. pl tell.

  5. libtermcap-2.0.8-46.1.i389.rpm cannot be opened. corrupt file..

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