Friday, August 20, 2010

We're Rebranding!!!

is now 

Goautodial CE 2.0 RC2

Hey guys,

Anyone interested in testing the latest ISO? You can get it from:

It has the following updated software:

Vicidial 2.2.1
VtigerCRM 5.1.0
Sangoma 3.5.14
CentOS 5.5 as base (modified kernel as usual)

This is the last release candidate for the final 2.0 version coming very soon.

Out of the box support for the following:

1. Digium and Sangoma cards. (Sangoma voicetime can easily be installed with 3 simple commands - final release will have out of the box support too).
2. Vicidial and Vtiger synchronization

Please report any bugs or issues encountered.


user: admin
pass: vicidialnow

user: admin
pass: vicidialnow

Default URL: