Saturday, November 21, 2009

VicidialNOW CE 1.3 Released!!!

After a month of delay, VicidialNOW CE 1.3 finally hit the streets.

Here are some of the major changes:

New Vicidial agent interface
CentOS 5.4 as base
64 gig memory support
RAID support

Check out the CHANGELOG on the CD for a complete list of changes.


  1. Wow Demian. You totally rock. Thanks for your commitment to making everyone's lives better through terrific software.

  2. hi
    demian i told you migh you are a genius. Be my guru Please.
    Cheers 1.3
    HMC Dhaka Bangladesh

  3. Aw shucks.. thanks guys! Just doing my part in the open source community.

  4. Hi Demian,

    I downloaded and installed your new version 1.3 about an hour after you posted it. You can see my comment "You totally rock" comment above at November 21, 2009 4:51 PM.

    Everything is fine however it has the old Vicidial agent interface not the new one. Any suggestions on what might have happened? I hate to reinstall it all over again since I had help to install it. Is there something I must to do activate the new agent interface?

    The bottom of the interface has the following: VICIDIAL web-client version: 2.0.5-206 BUILD: 90525-1014 Server:

    Thanks for your help!


  5. Did you use an external optical drive for the installation process?

  6. Try using an internal SATA or IDE optical drive. This should solve the issue.

  7. I apologize Demian. I didn't read your question carefully. I booted the installation using an internal CD-RW drive that came with my 1.7 GHz* Intel® Pentium® 4.

  8. This is what you can do. Check the md5sum of the ISO you downloaded and compare it the md5sum here: . If it's different then that means the downloaded ISO is corrupted.

    The new agent interface is located in "/var/www/html/agc2" while the original interface is in "/var/www/html/agc".

    If you're still encountering issues, the forum is the best place to post them and get answers.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I will head to the forum to ask my final two questions now.

  10. Sorry Demian. I figured it out with your last comment. If it helps anyone reading this, you simple navigate to ../agc2/vicidial.php and login to get to the new Agent interface. Newbie here. ;)

  11. where can i download this software pls reply immediately am waiting

  12. hello sir can i use this dialer for 300seats using sip protocol?

  13. Hi Demian !!

    Could you please tell me if you kept the languages
    files in Vicidialnow ; if yes would you please give me the procedure
    to change the language in the agent and admin interface

    thanks for your help !!

  14. @Sinchan: Yes it can.

    @Bostangi: The language files are located in "/usr/src/astguiclient/LANG_www/". Just copy the directory that corresponds to the language you want to "/var/www/html/".

  15. Hey Demian, new upate on vicidial, wow thats great....Bien

  16. Hi Demian !
    Great job, thanx.
    But after configuring vicidialnow via web interface .conf files didn't updated :(
    Whats wrong?

  17. i got a problem with recorings please help me how can i get the recorings from vicidial

  18. in vicidialnow its not working i think because when i typr http://my ip/recording it shows nothing plese help me how can i configar recordings please e mail any one to my email id

  19. The recordings if enabled are located in the "User Stats" link on the "Admin" page. Admin -> User -> Stats.

  20. how install AMD in my VICIDIAL plz help me Step by Step

  21. igot sucsess yar no problrm and can u improve recording search and day by day and user vice recordings

  22. hi Demian;
    I got a problem while installing vicidial now 1.3.When i finished installing it, on the sreen appeared log in and password.but i don't know what's the info to input because i did'nt set anything yet.I'm just wondering if there's any set values on that fields.Or do i need to do something to change the log in and password.Hope u can help me thanks.

  23. Hi Elizabeth,

    Have you read the VicidialNOW Getting Started Guide? This will help jumpstart your VicidialNOW experience and guide you on how to use the system.

  24. HI Demian:

    Thanks i got the info.But already finished up to page 8 of the guide. when i ping The message was host is unreachable. I used all the info in the guide and my pc is connected to the internet. How can i go to windows and try to browse the url?do i need another pc or used the same pc where i installed the vicidialnow?Its my first time to used it so i really need your help dem..Sorry..hope you can help me.thanks

  25. The Vicidial forum is the best place to get free support. The problem you encountered might already have been discussed there before.

  26. Hi, I'm installing vicidialnow on a server with s500psl board in it. when I try to boot up and install it. I can't get it to go past 18 percent when it's booting up, and the hard drive worked before with a opensuse install. Does anyone have any guidance on what I can do to attempt to solve, or get past this problem?

  27. Have you tried switching or replacing your harddrives?

  28. Hi demian,
    After i installed the VICIdialnow and when i type in the login id and password am not able to see the default ip address of the server
    it says just http:// and ther is no ip address. Can you pls help me out in this???

  29. Hi Demian,
    i have installed 1.3 version & when i am trying to agent my login, the welcome ring comes but there is no voice in headphone & later on also get an error. Noone is in your session: 8600051

    please help me out in this..

  30. how to make a boot cd please help


  31. goautodial 2.0 is very good & have many good function on admin page I have successfully configure it in my 2 server for 70 seats.

  32. any one have problem with that contact me on my mail

  33. Please help me...
    I have downloaded VicidialNow. I installed it on my system...

    but I am not aware of linux. can anyone tel me the step by step process....


  34. my mail ID is

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. hey ,CAn any one help me out.i have Ringing/bell issue about goautodial .when i dial In PD or manual in Australia after some calls ringing bells issue come ..please help me out you all are the Experts .

    My Email ID is

    plz Answer My question ..God help U.

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